Trainings-Video #1: Intro

A.I. Artificial Intelligence

What do you think about AI? Discuss with us!

Training Videos

Around the topic of A.I. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence: dangers, risks, opportunities.
Watch the 3 videos in our training series and get to grips with one of the most prominent topics of our time.


Content of the training:

  • The meaning of the term "A.I" or "Artificial Intelligence" 
  • The goal of artificial intelligence
  • The artificial intelligence modelled on natural intelligence
  • The use of artificial intelligence in our everyday life
  • Open discussion points: Limits, dangers, fallibilities

What can A.I. do?

Content of the training:

  • What is A.I. capable of?
  • Future outlook: Where is the journey with A.I. leading?
  • Where is A.I. already used today? 
  • Including examples from medicine, art, transport, etc.

Could A.I. be a good marketer?

Content of the training:

  • Facebook, Google, YouTube: The use of A.I. as a marketing tool
  • Comparison of advertisements: Higher success rate with or without A.I.?
  • Your own marketing assistant: How can you use A.I. for your own business?