Training video: The A.I. revolution

Video #2

What can A.I. do?
In medicine, in art, in traffic, etc.

What do you think about A.I.? Share your thoughts with us!

Training Videos

Around the topic of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence: dangers, risks, opportunities.
Watch the 3 videos in our training series and get to grips with one of the most prominent topics of our time.


Content of the training:

  • The meaning of the term "A.I" or "Artificial Intelligence" 
  • The goal of artificial intelligence
  • The artificial intelligence modelled on natural intelligence
  • The use of artificial intelligence in our everyday life
  • Open discussion points: Limits, dangers, fallibilities

What can A.I. do?

Content of the training:

  • What is A.I. capable of?
  • Future outlook: Where is the journey with A.I. leading?
  • Where is A.I. already used today? 
  • Including examples from medicine, art, transport, etc.

Could A.I. be a good marketer?

Content of the training:

  • Facebook, Google, YouTube: The use of A.I. as a marketing tool
  • Comparison of advertisements: Higher success rate with or without A.I.?
  • Your own marketing assistant: How can you use A.I. for your own business?