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Customer Testimonials

A huge compliment! It's a really great tool with an incredible number of possibilities. Now a small blog article research turned into an extensive article with endless new approaches. The real challenge is to find an end and not to write through the night 🙂 Very inspiring!

Carl Sandmann

Designer at CompanyX

This CopyCockpit is a great piece of work - I celebrated Mother's Day all day in wonderful weather and just before going to bed I quickly created three variants of a landing page according to the Pareto principle. I can't complain and the results are simply great - perhaps I could improve one or two small things or mix two suggestions into one variant...

Roman Wimmer

A good example of how CopyCockpit can help quickly: I had accepted an article for an online magazine and completely forgot the deadline.
On the day of the deadline, I received an email at 1:00pm asking me if I still wanted to submit my article. I used CopyCockpit to help me and after 1.5 hours the article was ready. I was surprised how fast it went. If I’d had to write my own text, I wouldn't have finished it on the same day. I sent the text at 3:30pm and now it is published.

Sabine Schmelzer

This tool is simply ingenious. Even without much prior knowledge of the niche, my Algae blog now has entertaining and informative posts with very little time investment of my own. This tool will give us all a lot of pleasure. @ SMM: Please just keep it up!!!

Christoph Müller-Rees

Super tool, you can generate new ideas in a flash with it! Thanks 🙂 Looking forward to the further tests!

Vanessa Frank


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