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CopyCockpit helps you with all your marketing tasks

Imagine having a talented and experienced marketing assistant by your side who is super motivated to help you with marketing tasks at all times. Too good to be true? Not anymore!

Blog Articles


There are no more excuses not to start blogging!

  • Find topic ideas for blog posts quickly
  • Outline the blog post
  • Automatically write blog post paragraphs

Landing Pages


A high converting landing page with just a few clicks!

  • Create convincing headlines and subtitles
  • Descriptions with just a few entries
  • Clear user benefits (bullet points)
  • High converting calls to action

Email Marketing


Emails that are not only opened but also read

  • Email subject lines that invite people to open the email
  • Well-structured email outline
  • Convincing texts that lead to the desired action

Facebook Ads


Stop wasting your time designing Facebook Ads

  • Our AI writes ad copy based on 1,000s of successful ads
  • Write post copy in a few clicks
  • Generate headlines that get great click-through rates

Google Ads


Finally get Google Text Ads up and running

  • Take into account the selected keywords when creating the text
  • Google Ads Headings
  • Google Ads Description

And much more...


CopyCockpit can do much more

  • Write texts based on the AIDA (attention, interest, urge, action) marketing principles
  • Write text from keywords
  • Create new exciting and high-converting text variations
  • Find company and product names

What CopyCockpit users say about this software...

Christoph Müller-Rees

Here is my first test for the new tool -> This tool is great - or simply ingenious. Even without much prior knowledge of the niche, my Algae blog now has entertaining and informative posts with very little time investment of my own. This tool will give us all a lot of pleasure. @ SMM: Please just keep it up!!!

Carl Sandmann

A huge compliment! It's a really great tool with an incredible number of possibilities. Now a small blog article research turned into an extensive article with endless new approaches. The real challenge is to find an end and not to write through the night 🙂 Very inspiring!

Vanessa Frank

Super tool, you can generate new ideas in a flash with it! Thanks 🙂 Looking forward to the further tests! Have a nice weekend

Erik Peters

Exciting, interesting and inspiring!

Peter Matter

Here is my result of the 5 blog posts for the challenge. It took me about 60 minutes to create all of them. P.S. Writing blog posts has been on my agenda for the website for a long time, but I hadn't done it yet. Maybe with the help of this tool, it's the starting point of finally getting things going! 😉

Falk Münchbach

I have only had a short experience with this tool so far, but I am impressed. It's great fun and it still takes some time to get used to the workflow, but these are only minor problems. I will continue to use it intensively. Kind regards Falk

No more writer's block thanks to CopyCockpit

Free Training Videos

All about the topic of A.I. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: dangers, risks, opportunities.
Watch our training series and get to grips with one of the most prominent topics of our time.


(available in German and French)

Training content:

  • The meaning of the term "A.I. / Artificial Intelligence"
  • The goal of artificial intelligence
  • The artificial intelligence modelled on natural intelligence
  • The use of artificial intelligence in our everyday life
  • Open discussion points: Limits, risks, vulnerabilities

Can A.I. be creative?

(available in German and French)

Training content:

  • What is A.I. capable of?
  • Future outlook: Where is the journey with A.I. leading?
  • Where is A.I. already being used today?
  • Incl. examples from medicine, art, transport, etc.

Could A.I. be a good marketer?

(available in German and French)

Training content:

  • Facebook, Google, YouTube: The use of A.I. as a marketing tool
  • Comparison of advertisements: Higher success rate with or without A.I.?
  • Your own marketing assistant: How can you use A.I. for your own business?

More customer testimonials...

Roman Wimmer

This CopyCockpit is a great piece of work - I celebrated Mother's Day all day in wonderful weather and just before going to bed I quickly created three variants of a landing page according to the Pareto principle. I can't complain and the results are simply great - perhaps I could improve one or two small things or mix two suggestions into one variant...

Marco Uras

I've had enough. I've been hanging in CopyCockpit for three days, just writing and couldn't stop... Now I need to get some fresh air.

Hans Kerschensteiner

I just created my 5 blog post attempts with CopyCockpit and saved them in Google Drive. Here is the link to it:

Sam Hänni
It's really great what you've already created! How long did it take you?

Hans Kerschensteiner
Hi Sam, it took me about 1.5 hours.

Bernd Bucher

Here is my first impression of the new CopyCockpit. After a little practice, you can quickly achieve useful results with the tool. At the moment, I see the biggest advantage in the fact that you can create a structure very quickly. In terms of content, there is still room for improvement. But we should remember that people create an offer in order to sell something. That's why I think personal style and creativity are important factors to not become too anonymous. I give your new tool a thumbs up. 👍👍👍

Rainer Schmidt

A nice greeting to all of you. You've really put your back into it. Really great.

Paul lten

Just finished creating the copy for the CopyCockpit Landing Page Challenge. It was great fun. LP 2 will probably be a big surprise for my client. 😁


I am thrilled. A few bugs have already been fixed. For brainstorming it's really good. There's still a lot of manual editing to be done, but it's definitely a good weapon against the fear of the blank page 😉👍

Markus Jorga

My second contribution to the CopyCockpit Week Challenge. I have chosen three different areas. Online shop, service and e-book. It was really fun again. I really like the tool. 😁👍

Christoph Pordzik

Overall, Copy Cockpit is much faster than having to invent everything yourself.

Franco Capun

I find CopyCockpit to be really useful for content research. Some adjustments still have to be made from time to time.

Jörg Winkler

My conclusion: The results are already quite good and will certainly become much, much better with a little more practice. Best regards from Harsefeld.

Rainer Schmidt

...Nevertheless, the tool offers valuable suggestions and tips. The ideas that CopyCockpit spits out are not so easy to come by in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Sabine Schmelzer

A good example of how CopyCockpit can help quickly: I had accepted an article for an online magazine and completely forgot the deadline.
On the day of the deadline, I received an email at 1:00pm asking me if I still wanted to submit my article. I used CopyCockpit to help me and after 1.5 hours the article was ready.
I was surprised how fast it went. If I’d had to write my own text, I wouldn't have finished it on the same day. I sent the text at 3:30pm and now it is published.

FP-Webdesign & BusinessConsult

Just the right SEO tool 🙂 I'm testing it right now and have to say that I'm thrilled‼️ Since I'm currently working on SEO optimization for a client's online shop, I will definitely use this for my work!
Great tool 👍

CopyCockpit Questions & Answers

Can’t find the answer to your question? Our customer support team is happy to help: n+zq7+-w7evf7Oj27Ozy-vv68v7t9Prr9vH4sfzw8g@nospam

Does CopyCockpit access a database of pre-made texts?

No! Each generated text is unique - thanks to A.I. (artificial intelligence).

Do I need to worry about "duplicate content"?

No! Because every text variation is generated by A.I., you don't have to worry that this text is already online on another website.

What happens if I exceed my monthly word limit? (Applies only to CopyCockpit Personal)

Additional credits can be added at any time. For only 15€ you get another 10.000 words. Or you can start right away with CopyCockpit Pro - currently this package offers unlimited words.

Can I test CopyCockpit without my payment information?

We are pleased to already count many users among our CopyCockpit customers. As this is a brand new technology, we always have to ensure that we do not release more spaces than we can handle at any one time and that access is not abused.

We are aware that by not offering a free trial, we will open fewer accounts - but this way we can better manage our capacity - and at the end of the day, we all know that what costs nothing is not worth that much.

Important: we offer a 100% money-back guarantee for the first 30 days. So you can test CopyCockpit for one month completely risk-free. That's much better than a short and limited trial offer, isn't it?

Am I entering into a longer contract period with you?

No! We do not hide longer contract periods anywhere. Monthly subscriptions can be cancelled monthly. Annual subscriptions annually.

How can I cancel?

You will receive a link in every payment confirmation email with which you can cancel your subscription yourself at any time. You can also simply send us an e-mail: IVJUUVFOU1VhUlZIUlJMQEVETEBTSkRVSE9GD0JOTA@nospam.

Test CopyCockpit 30 days risk-free

30-day risk-free trial   Fast & high-quality results   Suitable for all marketing tasks

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30-day risk-free trial   Fast & high-quality results   Suitable for all marketing tasks